Two different and separate types of publications will be produced, one for each of the two parts in which CLEF is structured.

Conference papers

Conference proceedings are published by Springer in their Lecture Notes for Computer Science (LNCS) series. As conference proceedings, the LNCS publication will be ready in time for the conference.

Labs Working Notes

All the experiments carried out during the CLEF 2018 evaluation campaigns are described in the CEUR WorkShop proceedings Vol 2125.

Post-conference publications in suitable venues, such as journals, are welcome and under the responsibility of lab organizers.

Working Notes Copyright

Copyright of the papers included in the CLEF 2018 Working Notes is retained by the authors (or the rights holder if different from the authors), however, by your submission of a contribution for inclusion in the CLEF Working Notes, you (or the rights holder) automatically grant the CLEF consortium (and its representatives) all necessary rights required to publish it on any selected media (hardcopy, web, CD, etc.)